image To commission a painting of any kind simply fill out the contact form and let me know what you are interested in and we go from there. If you want a portrait it will require a short photography session with the subject, and that is about it. I will refer to the photos I've taken to produce the painting. Rarely do I work from photos supplied unless professionally done or exceptionally good. Completion time will depend on painting size and time of year. Delivery shouldn't be longer than a couple of months, so when ordering keep this in mind if your order is to be a gift for a certain date. A 50% deposit is required before starting commission and the balance is due after delivery and final approval by client.

Most paintings come framed, but the option is yours. There will be a framed price and an unframed price for all paintings. Matt is now custom building his frames for his specific works only. These frames are one of a kind and each is unique. You can't buy this molding anywhere. Matt has designed his own profiles and is working with a local furniture maker to cut his own profiles. The end result is the most beautiful frames you can hope to have surrounding your art. Your included options when commissioning a painting are below: